Sony A7II / A7RII / A7SII Series Leather Camera Case - Half Case + Strap


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You would agree that the best pictures are taken when you (the photographer) are very relaxed. But how do you relax if you’re constantly worried about your camera? What if it slips? What if it hits a surface and the lens suffers a crack? What if it gets multiple scratches that take away from its beauty? Well, you can say goodbye to those worries with this leather case for your Sony A7II / A7RII / A7SII Series and focus on capturing those beautiful moments on film!

Protect your camera in grand vintage style

With Sony A7II / A7RII / A7SII Series Leather Case, you can scratch protection concerns off your list of worries. This is a high-quality leather case for your precious camera. It not only keeps your camera safe, but it also sets you apart from the crowd as heads turn just to admire the beautiful case you have!

It fits these camera ranges snugly so there is no loose space around the camera. This means your camera runs no risk of dropping out of the case while you are holding it. It also makes for an aesthetic finish. 

What makes this case special?

  • Complete Protection: case covers your entire camera, even the bottom of the camera, against scratches. This you cannot get anywhere else as Kaza Camera Cases are the only ones that offer this 360 protection.
  • Custom-made fit: this Kaza Leather Case is made specifically for the Sony Sony A7II / A7RII / A7SII Series. So you can rest assured of accurate fit, coverage, and protection of your camera.
  • Improved grip: just because we know how important good grip is in capturing great images; the case was ergonomically designed to give you a better, non-bulky grip for you to capture those breathtaking images
  • Easy access: the case allows you to access all camera functions – battery, memory card compartments, and so on – without having to remove the case. There is also an open slot for the bottom speaker so no worries about reduced audibility.
  • Easy Usage: the case comes with a Tripod screw that allows you to attach the camera to a tripod with the case on.
  • Very durable: manufactured with premium leather plus fiber inner lining. This guarantees the case lasts long. It is also packed in a gift box and delivered to you in a soft carry bag to ensure it gets to you in top shape.
  • Strong but Light strap: the strap would not snap while you’re carrying the camera by the strap so you do not run the risk of your camera dropping and breaking. Despite this strength, the strap is as light as a silk scarf (0.06kg)


Case Specifications

  • Outside Material: Cow Hide Leather
  • Inside Material: Fiber
  • Color: as seen in the pictures


Production timeline

Just because we do not compromise on quality source and production, the process takes at least two weeks to ensure we give you the best.

Unique beauty without compromise on quality

Kaza cases are made with a sleek finish. All leather straps are designed to have double-face leather. All straps are made of genuine leather from the surface all the way to the bottom. This not only increases its durability. So durable that the case does not scratch easily. It also makes it even more beautiful! This type of design is truly rare.

This costs more and takes longer to make but you deserve nothing less than the best!


Delivery in Hong Kong

  • Courier (Office address in business area) / Hong Kong post registered mail ( All residential address ) /
  • S.F express courier (Self pickup store )


Delivery outside Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong post registered airmail/(10-14 working days)
  • Speedpost (with surcharge ) (3-4 working days) 
  • Fedex (with surcharge ) ( 1 working day ) 


Refund policy

Once payment is made, any refund will generate a 15% handling fee. However, if you buy the wrong item by accident, we can assist you to change to the correct item. Just send us an email at

Money well spent

Because we believe you should get the best value for your money, you can be sure your camera case would be delivered exactly as described! Beautiful, sturdy and amazing quality!


KAZA is dedicated to providing you with the best service. Hence, if the products you have received are damaged or different from what you have ordered, please contact us within 7 working days by email to  

Kindly Note: If you cannot find your option, e.g. case set, leather color, stitches color, please feel free to email us and we can custom made an order for you. Thank you!

KAZA Leather Camera Cases… you can now relax and capture those photos without worry. We’ve got you!

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Sony A7II / A7RII / A7SII Series Leather Camera Case - Half Case + Strap


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