About Kaza

With our immense experience of more than 25 years since 1983, we have been successfully making unique leather goods.
KAZA came into existence almost a decade ago, in 2011.Our leather camera cases are based on the finest leather, best craftsmanship, unique designs and a competitive price exhibiting the true picture of an elegant camera case.
At Kaza, our goal has always been to bring the highest quality leather products with the best and affordable designs. We are pleased to positively serve over 20,000 customers, with the number increasing every day.

With our vast experience and best expertise Kaza has officially collaborated with Fujifilm for their cameras. Since 2019 our classic product, Kaza leather case has been officially selling in Fujifilm store in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyushu of Japan.

Our Vintage Italian brown leather case is the most popular and highly demanded article. Each artifact of the leather case is a masterpiece in itself. Every leather element undergoes excellence through handmade workmanship, firstly, each piece is hand mixed with the best Italian oil, secondly, it is hand painted with the Italian oil and lastly our hand polish adds the final finishing to the product hence making every vintage brown leather case, a unique and different product in outlook.

Our product combinations consist of half case + strap and case cover. Our brand offers the unique combination of leather case like none other. The technical addition of a case cover provides a vast protection of 360 ○ .

Owing to the quality creation our brand has been recommended by a famous Japanese camera magazine as “a suggested camera case”. Our vision is to change the traditional concept of camera cases by introducing trendy camera cases that not only cast a reflection of your personality but also appeal the people around you.

Today, we proudly say that our brand has successfully served its purpose!